To install The Business Manager, click on the Start button on the Desktop, then select the Run option and type in:


Accept the installation defaults by clicking on the Next button when prompted.

After The Business Manager has been installed, a MSDOS icon will be placed on your Desktop, titled, The Business Manager.

Right click on this icon, then click on the Properties option.

Click on the Program tab, then click on the Close on Exit box

Next, Click on the Change Icon button, then enter C:\RET\1\RET.ICO in the file name box

Next, Click on the Screen tab, then click on the Full-screen option

Next, click on the Apply button to record these changes.




Next, click on the Font tab and make the following changes:

Check the Bitmap only radio button, then select the font size 8 X 12 or larger from the Font size window.

Click on Apply to record this change, then click on the OK button to close the Properties window.

To start The Business Manager, click on the icon, The Business Manager and logon as User DEMO and leave the password field blank.

You may setup permanent users and passwords once you are in the program.

The Business Manager workscreen will be displayed.

The first time you start the program, maximize the window, if not already maximized, for best results.

The mouse is NOT used by The Business Manager program.