• Designed for first-time computer users.
  • On-screen instructions requiring few key strokes.
  • Pull down menus and on-line help.
  • One workscreen for all point of sale transactions.
  • Quick look-up of customers by company name, by individual name, or by phone number.
  • Quick look-up of stock quantity and prices by stock number or description.
  • Quick look-up of a customer invoice from a previous purchase
  • Multi-level password protection.
  • Single user or mulituser version available.
  • Supports cash drawer, receipt printers, bar code readers, keypads and scanners.
  • Optional credit card verification and draft capture
  • Can be configured and customized to user's own business specifications.
  • Create customer invoices / receipts / sales orders
  • Up to 6 price levels for each stock number
  • Additional special pricing for each customer and for special promotions
  • Accounts Receivable, both Open Item and Balance Forward
  • Customer Statements and Late Notices
  • Manage Inventory Including Serialized and Component Inventory
  • Track Customer Sales
  • Numerous Sales Analysis and Management Reports
  • To Do List Manager
  • Print and Manage Purchase Orders
  • Computes UPS and FedEX Shipping Charges(UPS Rate Tables for Canada & U.S.A.)
  • Track and Manage Returned Checks
  • Track Lost Sales
  • Manual Invoice Entry/Processing
  • Links to popular accounting software packages
  • Register closeout and reconciliation reports
  • Process price update disks supplied by vendors
  • Printer Installation Routine Supporting Over 900 Printers
  • This is a DOS program

  • THE BUSINESS MANAGER software, turns your computer into a retail management system that can help you increase your profits and better manage your business! It will improve your overall operation, especially your inventory control and register checkout.

  • Never lose control of your inventory again! THE BUSINESS MANAGER tracks your stock in real time, giving you the security and information you need to make timely decisions.
  • Stock only what you need, when you need it. Order stock and pay for only the merchandise you need, based on sales history which is accurate for every period of the year. Track fast and slow sellers to prevent over or under stocking. You can determine which goods you need to stock at which time of the year from the seasonal sales history in THE BUSINESS MANAGER'S database
  • Avoid margin erosion. Automating costing ensures accurate pricing of every item in your inventory. No under pricing that reduces your overall margin.
  • Increase sales opportunities. THE BUSINESS MANAGER lets you create a client database which allows you to do specialized marketing, mailings and promotions aimed at specific preferences and targets. With seasonal sales data and customer preferences stored in the database, your chances of being out of stock when customers call are greatly reduced. This creates opportunities to up-sell customers with accessories and complementary items
  • Reduce staff pilferage. THE BUSINESS MANAGER gives you tight control of every aspect of your business - and your staff knows any discrepancies will show up fast, so inventory is treated with care and respect.
  • Reduce human error. Even the best employees will make mistakes in math errors and pricing. THE BUSINESS MANAGER provides them with the correct numbers everytime, so your bottom line never takes a hit.
  • Put real teeth in your security system. When you know what your business is doing in real time, you can take quick, effective actions to control costs, staff, and inventory as problems arise. Any shrinkage of inventory becomes immediately apparent. Voids, discounting and price overriding are under your control. Any cash discrepancies are immediately identified during daily reconcilation and register closeout.
  • Keep the dollars flowing. Issue timely billings for prompt payments with no gaps in your cash flow. Real-time picture of your cash status.
  • THE BUSINESS MANAGER takes care of adminstrative chores that keep you in the back office, giving you time to get out on the floor and really do business. THE BUSINESS MANAGER takes care of the time-intensive reporting you thought was inevitable. Automates check reconciliation, produces the regular accounting of inventory and financial status which is the basis of your bank loans.
  • Track Sales Performance. Know at a glance who on your sales staff is earning their keep and who is not. Institute incentive programs based on sales performance and profit margins.
  • Your profit depends on many things - margins, stock levels, consumer preferences and staff productivity, to name but a few. All of these and more are constantly monitored by THE BUSINESS MANAGER, to give you a snapshot of your business hour by hour, and day by day. THE BUSINESS MANAGER'S real time sales figures provide some pleasant surprises and eliminates nasty shocks down the line.
  • With THE BUSINESS MANAGER, you can enjoy ultimate control of your business, without changing the way you do business.

  • Product/Services Pricing
    Single PC User Version $ 695.00
    Network Version - 10 User License $ 995.00
    Technical Support Hourly Charge $ 100.00

    THE BUSINESS MANAGER comes with thirty days (30) free phone technical support beginning on the date you first call for our assistance. Support after 30 days will be charged at rate of  $ 100.00 per hour, billable in 15 minute increments


    PayPal and cashier's check or money order. International shipments prepaid in US funds only. Personal or company checks (please allow 5-7 business days for personal/business checks to clear before delivery of license key).

    Make all checks payable to:ARNOLD W. HAILE

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    To insure your satisfaction with our products, we provide a thirty-day return policy from the date of purchase on all items except THE BUSINESS MANAGER, THE BUS TERMINAL MANAGER, and THE AUTO REPAIR ASSISTANT programs. Since we offer free trial versions of THE BUSINESS MANAGER, THE BUS TERMINAL MANAGER, and THE AUTO REPAIR ASSISTANT, we DO NOT allow refunds on these programs. A RMA number is required for all returns. Call (713) 261-1514 to obtain an RMA number. Returns may take up to 30 days to process and a 15% restocking fee will apply on ALL items returned. The 15% restocking fee will not apply to defective merchandise, if returned within 30 days. Services such as custom programming, installation and shipping ARE NOT refundable.

    Download a Demo of THE BUSINESS MANAGER

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    THE BUSINESS MANAGER Demo Installation Instructions

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